by Duncan Graham

Hannah Norris | Woman

Duncan Graham | Director
Elizabeth Gadsby | Designer
Russell Goldsmith | Sound Design
Sam Hopkins | Lighting Design & Technical Direction


by Gary Cockburn


by Sarah Walker

REVIEWS – Adelaide

Rip It Up
“Cut is the most uncomfortable show of this year’s Fringe. It is also the most unforgettable… She is simply outstanding… The clever and effective lighting, as well as the frightening score, are just as impressive as Norris’ performance” **** 1/2 David Knight

Adelaide Theatre Guide
“a beguiling, engaging and precise performance… She masters the exhausting technical demands… full of danger and uncertainty… This unsettling and disconcerting short play is a complete success.” ****1/2 John Wells

Broadway World
“extraordinary team of consummate professionals… Hannah Norris is utterly terrifying… astonishing… an extraordinary performance” Ray Smith

The Barefoot Review
“This play in the dark is all about light… Norris’s performance is superb… This is what a Fringe is all about.” Samela Harris

Stage Whispers
“Her intense performance is brilliant!… a work of art” Kerry Cooper

The Clothesline
“Hannah Norris is extremely convincing as the disturbed, disturbing “Woman” at the centre of Duncan Graham’s dark work, Cut… On occasion, it’s like being in the darkest recesses of a David Lynch film. Or inside a bad dream.” David Robinson

Daily Review
“Unfortunately, its intensely claustrophobic staging in the Manse theatre proved unbearable for this writer who had to excuse himself at the beginning of the show. “ Ben Brooker


Palace of the End

by Judith Thompson
Theatre Works 2013

Photos by Sarah Walker

A Soldier | Hannah Norris
David Kelly | Robert Meldrum
Nehrjas Al Saffarh | Eugenia Fragos
Director | Daniel Clarke
Designer | Eugyeene Teh
Lighting Design | Rob Sowinski
Sound Design | Russell Goldsmith

The Age
“Of the performances, Hannah Norris as the unrepentant torturer has the most complexity and dramatic impact… You might remember Norris from her devastating incarnation as a young peace activist in My Name is Rachel Corrie. Here, she deploys her gifts to help embody a thoroughly unsympathetic character – one who grimaces and rants and rationalises. She brings understanding (without excusing) to this American soldier’s callousness and lack of empathy, in a performance that ripples with internalised misogyny and submerged self-hatred.” Cameron Woodhead

Herald Sun
“Norris, portraying a frenetic, dim-witted, redneck ranting about her mistreatment by media and a battery of online hate, shows her to be deluded, conceited and cruel, with a frightening moral certainty based on twisted patriotism.” **** Kate Herbert

“Hannah Norris is totally believable as England, right down to the West Virginian accent, displaying all the ignorant cruelty of a red neck given the chance to inflict her power over weaker others. I found myself repelled by the ugliness of her actions but sympathetic as her own experience of childhood abuse and cruelty is obvious.” Mark Pearce

Aussie Theatre
“Norris, Meldrum and Fragos’s performances are stunning” Anne-Marie Peard

Theatre Press
the talented cast are more than able to convincingly draw us into their world. “ Myron My
REVIEW: Theatreworks Presents PALACE OF THE END

REVIEWS – social media

“Melbourne friends. See this. I saw it on Thursday and still finding myself thinking about it. The right and wrong of it. Iraq. I’m so grateful when a piece of theatre does that. Makes me think. Three monologues each asking me to see something from a different point of view. I recommend the Crikey review which captures the experience of the seeing this. Beautifully directed and designed and lit. And such truthful performances by Hannah Norris, Rob Meldrum and Eugenia Fragos.”
Andrew Bovell (playwright)

PalaceOTE at @Theatre_Works is amazing theatre; brilliant writing, gripping and human, impeccable performances and perfectly realized.”
Dean Bryant (writer/director)

“Last night I went to see “palace of the end” at Theatreworks. So proud of my friend, Eugenia Fragos for her magnificent performance- warm, transformative, commanding and utterly gut wrenching. A reminder of the power of great theatre.”
Tony Ayres (producer/director)

“Congratulations @Theatre_Works on a powerhouse performance of a moving, important work. Still shaking and prickly-eyed.”
Lab Kelpie (theatre producers)

“PALACE AT THE END is making us think about why we make theatre.”
Sometimes Melbourne (theatre writer)

“After last night, I can confidently say ‘Palace of the End’ is a gripping performance, get on down to @Theatre_Works & transport your mind.”
Natalie Claire King (journalist/presenter)

“The Palace At The End @Theatre_Works reminds me – again – why we need theatre. To tell the stories we hardly dare imagine.”
Sian Prior (writer/broadcaster)

“Absolutely beautiful and haunting performance of #PalaceOTE tonight @Theatre_Works.. Especially the last monologue. Wow #theatre #inspired

Everyone, theatre buffs and novices alike should go and see #PalaceOfTheEnd @Theatre_Works. Eugenia Fragos is breathtaking! #PalaceOTE
Lauren Mass (actor/singer)

“Just saw “Palace of the End” at Theatre Works. Wow. Daniel Clarke has perfectly directed a flawless trio of actors in this gut-wrenching piece about sacrifice, truth and humanity; all framed in Eugyeene Teh‘s spellbinding set of simultaneous antitheses – light/dark, dream/nightmare, sparkle/gore. Limited seating, so definitely book in and see it before it ends next week. I’m still shaken.”
Lyall Brooks (actor)

“Congratulations Dan, Hannah, Rob and Eugenia. Harrowing, shattering magnificence. Thank you to all.”
Sue Strano (arts manager)

 “Kudos to @danioclarke and @HazzyNorris and everyone involved with PALACE AT THE END – riveting stuff”
Keith Gow (playwright)

Hannah Norris and Daniel Clarke never fail to inspire me, and to finally see them working together (I know, what took me so long!) has me even more excited about theatre. Get to Palace of The End Theatre Works and you’ll see what I mean.”
Cat Commander (actor/playwright)

“Hey guys, went and saw Hannah Norris in A Palace of the End last night and was truely moved, the performances were astounding! Go and see it, support our friend and the arts. Congratulations to the cast and crew for last nights performance and chookas for the rest of the season! Xxx”
Chloe Connolly (actor)

“The preview performance of Palace of the End by Judith Thompson was seriously good theatre. Actors Eugenia Fragos, Robert Meldrum and Hannah Norris give life to three important stories. The stories they tell remind us that the Iraq War isn’t something that just happened in the easy-to-forget past. They make us listen, a remarkable gift from three generous actors. 
The performance is moving and disturbing in equal measure. 
Thank-you Daniel Clarke and especially to Rob Sowinski and Eugyeene Teh for reimagining the Theatre Works space in such spectacular fashion. To anyone who wants to learn or wants to think, don’t miss this show.”
Bryce Ives (theatre maker/producer)

“I saw this play last night. Hannah Norris was mesmerising. We couldn’t speak walking out of the theatre. You should see it.”
Chrissie Brown (performer/publicist)

“Terrific preview of Palace of the End(directed by @danioclarke) tonight at @theatre_works!”
Gareth Trew (acting student)

“Loved Palace Of The End! Congratulations DanielHannah, Eugenia, Robert,Eugyeene and Russell!!”
Nick Pelomis (actor)

“I saw Palace of the End tonight and thought it was magnificent. Subtle and brutal, eye-opening and moving. Several people were sniffling by the end. Deft direction and beautiful set. Thank you for such a fantastic play!”
Karin Muiznieks (performer)

“If you have not been to see Palace of the End by Judith Thompson
Why not? Get to it. 
Magnificent production. 
Thanks to Daniel Clarke Hannah Norris Robert Meldrum & Eugenia Fragos.”
Scott Gooding (actor/director)

“palace of the end at theatreworks. Just go home after a much needed fast cycle. kind of a must-see really. It reminds one of why to do theatre. These are stories about the dreadful things people do to people in the name of something or other. As Rob Meldrum said to me after the show, ‘yes, people say I’ve heard it all before; but they haven’t heard it in the theatre;’ and I experienced it tonight. other people talked about it being harrowing it is that and more. Is ‘harrowing’ a bummer for a press release? Guess so. Only in as much as bit by bit, we are becoming numb, dumb and unable to feel anything. do yourself a favour, wake up, go see it.”
Matt Crosby (actor)

“Thank-you @Theatre_Works for a thoroughly devastating work… Palace of the End is exquisite. Beautiful, exceptional – go see this.
@danioclarke you and your ensemble totally destroyed me. Exceptional stuff. Sublimely devastating. My eyes ran rivers. #palaceOTE
Tim Wotherspoon (musician/writer/actor)

One for the Ugly Girls

by Tahli Corin
ONFG 2013

Alastair | Syd Brisbane
Claire | Lori Bell
Jade | Hannah Norris

Director | Adriana Bonaccurso
Designer | Manda Webber
Lighting Design | Sam Hopkins
Sound Design & Stage Management | Stephen Moylan

REVIEWS – Adelaide

The Australian
“a shrewd take on the stereotypes of beauty and romantic love… excellent production” Murray Bramwell

No Plain Jane
“Norris seems to revel in Jade’s asinine tribute to a sexuality defined by the fake, but it is a relief to watch her fall back into an earthier character – and then watch as Norris flickers between the two.” Jane Howard

Festival Freak
“Hannah Norris plays her wonderfully, a holistic goddess with a soothing breathy placation of Alistair… it’s a brilliant piece of (essentially) multi-character acting. “ Pete Muller

The Advertiser
“wonderful performances… such vulnerability in their characters and great passion.” ****1/2 Helene Sobolewski

Fringe Review
“great performances… looked like she was having a ball playing a character so repulsive.” Amy Maynard

Rip It Up
“An uplifting journey which highlights beauty’s ugly need for fawning reassurance.” Jenny Smith
Ugly Girls – Rip It Up review

REVIEWS – Melbourne

Sometimes Melbourne
“Hannah Norris and Lori Bell bring the emotional reality and closeness to their characters” Anne-Marie Peard

“It’s when the real Jade (Hannah Norris) turns up that the psychodrama amps up and things get slightly more interesting.” Kate Kingsville

PRESS – Melbourne

Actors strip off for comedic look at love and loss in One for the Ugly Girls at La Mama Theatre – Herald Sun, 5 May 2013


Let the Sunshine

by David Williamson
Hit Productions Australian national tour 2012

Photos by Matt Deller

Ron – Peter Phelps
Natasha – Ally Fowler
Ros – Toni Scanlan
Toby – Dennis Coard
Rick – Ryan Hayward
Emma – Hannah Norris
Creatives & Crew
Director – Denis Moore
Stage Manager – Armando Licul
Designer – Shaun Gurton
Lighting Designer – Nick Merrylees
Costume Deisgner – Adrienne Chisholm
Sound Design – Peter Farman
Technicians – Fiona Ng & Jace Looker

Award winning Australian playwright David Williamson’s satirical comedy Let the Sunshine is set in Noosa. Toby (Dennis Coard) and Ros (Toni Scanlan) are retired left wing radicals who flee to the upmarket Sunshine Coast seaside town to escape scandal in Sydney. Ros meets an old school friend Natasha (Ally Fowler), who is married to Ron (Peter Phelps), a hugely wealthy property developer.

The connection between the two couples seems destined to be brief and acrimonious except for one thing. When their children Rick (Ryan Hayward) and Emma (Hannah Norris) find romance together, the patter of tiny feet brings on the clashing of egos and then, in typical Williamson fashion, it’s on for young and old.

The Woods

by David Mamet
5pound Theatre 2011

Hannah Norris | Ruth
Jason Cavanagh | Nick

Susannah Frith | Director


The Age
“Norris is more successful as the woman who watches the world too close up. It’s a nuanced performance of a challenging script.” Elly Varenti

Milkbar Mag
“excellent…the two performers, Hannah Norris and Jason Cavanagh, completely immersed in their roles.” Carla Sammut

The Woods makes for gripping viewing” Rebecca Harkins-Cross

Australian Stage
Hannah Norris (Ruth) and Jason Cavanagh(Nick) were all that was needed to bring to life an intensely rich script. “ Mohammed Hashem

Time Out
“the two are trying to escape the social constraints and heterosexual patternings that make life in the city unbearably lonely. ” Andrew Fuhrmann


Five alive in Mamet’s Woods – Herald Sun, 27 July 2011

Buried Child

by Sam Shepard
State Theatre Company of South Australia 2011

Photos by Shane Reid

Reverend Dewis – Patrick Frost
Tilden – Nicholas Garsden
Bradley – Patrick Graham
Dodge – Ron Haddrick
Shelly – Hannah Norris
Vince – Tim Overton
Haley – Jacqy Phillips


The Advertiser
“Hannah Norris nails it exquisitely as an LA Valley girl, the incredulous catalyst for the family confronting its past…There is a breathtaking moment when he executes his domination over Shelly [Hannah Norris].” Samela Harris

Kryztoff RAW
“Hannah Norris’ performance is key as the young outsider Shelley, as it’s her arrival that changes the way we see everything, and she manages to ‘slow-burn’ her way through to the end of the play to perfection.” Kosta Jaric

Adelaide Theatre Guide
“it is Hannah Norris as innocent intruder, Shelly and Nicholas Garsden as slow elder sibling, Tilden who are standouts. Norris slides easily from giggly ineptitude to strong-willed realisation” Brian Godfrey

The Australian
“Shelly, in her rabbit fur jacket and blue jeans, is the unexpected intruder into this world of deceit and delusion. Like an Ibsen character she asks inconvenient questions and elicits uncomfortable truths. In two dramatically difficult moments in particular – allowing Tilden to touch her sleeve and when she is physically humiliated by Bradley at the end of Act Two, Hannah Norris and her fellow actors galvanise the production.” Murray Bramwell

“unflappable Hannah Norris strident and striding to perfection as Shelly” Kate Deller-Evans
Buried Child review – InDaily

Theatre People
“As Vince and Shelly, Tim Overton and Hannah Norris deliver strong performances as the long lost grandchild and his lover”
Buried Child review –


Good advice from a legend – The Advertiser, 25 August 2011
Buried Child press – The Advertiser


Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Adapted by Glenn Elston from the novel by D.H. Lawrence

Australian Shakespeare Company 2011

Lady Chatterley | Hannah Norris
Oliver Mellors | Jamieson Caldwell
Clifford Chatterley | Soren Jensen
Mrs Bolton | Olivia Connolly
Hilda | Katherine Innes
Sir Malcolm Reid | Benedict Kazlauskas


Herald Sun
“Norris captures the vibrating, wide-eyed need of Connie.” Kate Herbert

Time Out
“the lovers are convincing and comfortable both in their own skin and with one another’s… an entertaining evening of theatre in stunning surrounds” Tully Hansen

Laneway Magazine
“both Norris and Caldwell embrace the play’s naughtier moments without any sign of inhibition… Thrown into the sexual side of the affair, neither Norris nor Caldwell is ashamed of showing affection.” Jeremy Williams


Gardens play is game to go nude – Herald Sun, 31 January 2011

Actors to strip bare for Lady Chatterley’s Lover – Herald Sun, 4 January 2011


My Name is Rachel Corrie

Taken from the writings of Rachel Corrie
Edited by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2010, fortyfivedownstairs Melbourne 2010

Photos by Lauren Smeaton

Starring – Hannah Norris
Winner: 2009/2010 Adelaide Theatre Guide ‘Curtain Call’ award for Best Female Performance – Professional
Nominated: 2010 Victorian Green Room award for Best Female Performer – Independent Theatre
Nominated: 2010 Adelaide Critics Circle Individual Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts

Director – Daniel Clarke
Designer – Cassandra Backler
Sound and Lighting Designer – Ben Flett
Video Artist – Annemarie Kohn

REVIEWS – Melbourne

The Age
“provocative and profoundly moving… Hannah Norris’s superb performance weaves a potent, sensitive portrait of its subject, balancing self-deprecating humour, moral intensity and horror.” ****1/2 Cameron Woodhead

The Herald Sun
“Hannah Norris captures our attention (and our hearts) the moment we walk into the space with a performance that’s closer to being than mere acting.” Chris Boyd

Sometimes Melbourne
“Hannah Norris (who was wonderful in Justin Hamilton’s Goodbye Ruby Tuesday) is Rachel. No more needs to be said… a remarkably honest performance.” Anne-Marie Peard

Stage Whispers
“sincere and surprising one-woman performance. Hannah Norris gets into the skin of the character of Rachel Corrie… Right away it is obvious that Ms Norris’s skill and commitment will be adequate for the ninety-minute journey.” Suzanne Sandow

Theatre People
“She truly captured the essence, vitality, courage and warm humanity of her subject… Hannah held the audience in the palm of her hand… She was engaging, endearing and, like her namesake, inspired you to want to make your part of the world a more beautiful place too.” Colin Morley
Rachel Corrie – Theatre People review

REVIEWS – Adelaide

The Independent Weekly
“I was already struck dumb, too beguiled by the stunning performance at the core of this gem – the deeply placed talents of Hannah Norris; her ability to keep Rachel alive, on stage and on our backs.” Rob de Kok
Rachel Corrie – Independent Weekly review

The Australian
“dramatically startling… Hannah Norris gives a splendid account of an idealistic young woman” Murray Bramwell Rachel Corrie – The Australian review

theatre notes
“Hannah Norris gives a passionate and accurately observed performance of Corrie.” Alison Croggon

Stage Whispers
“Hannah Norris is brilliant” Daniel G.Taylor

The Advertiser
“Hannah Norris is superbly cast… Norris keeps the audience spellbound, delivering with supreme focus the huge script” ***** Samela Harris

Glam Adelaide
“It is Hannah Norris who lifts Corrie’s words off of the page and fills them with emotion and carefully wrought expression in a captivating and thoroughly convincing performance… Norris is wonderful as Corrie… This is a sterling performance.” Barry Lenny–-fringe/

PRESS – Melbourne

An idealistic life remembered – The Age, 30 October 2010

My name is Rachel Corrie – Melbourne City News, October 2010

My Name is Rachel Corrie – ArtsHub, 20 October 2010

Activist’s last days explored – Bayside Leader, 19 October 2010
Rachel Corrie – Bayside Leader press

Been So Long

by Che Walker
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2006
Photos by David Wilson

Gil | Evan Jureidini
Yvonne | Dana Miltins
Simone | Hannah Norris
Raymond LeGendre | Nathan Page
Barney | Brendan Rock
Director | Syd Brisbane
Designer | Kate Davis
Lighting Designer | Emma Valente
Musician | Craig Lauritsen

Best show in the Adelaide Fringe 2006, The Advertiser

“the production is riveting… Dana Miltins and Hannah Norris balance cynical world-weariness with girlish intimacy in dazzling characterisations”
**** Samela Harris, The Advertiser

“Hannah Norris excellent as the heartsick Simone”
Murray Bramwell, The Adelaide Review

When Yvonne and Simone go cruising for action, the first stop is the Bar Phoenix in the heart of Camden Town. Barney the Bartender has seen everything and knows how to keep out of trouble. Gil is a kid with a three-year grudge who can’t keep his mouth shut. And then there’s Raymond LeGendre… Oh. My. Goodness.

Been So Long, Che Walker’s tale of love, sex, rage and revenge, was premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 1998.

This Adelaide Fringe production had its first season in Melbourne at The Windsor Castle Hotel, June 2005 with the following cast changes – Raymond LeGendre | Robert Jordan and Barney | Syd Brisbane.