One for the Ugly Girls

by Tahli Corin
ONFG 2013

Alastair | Syd Brisbane
Claire | Lori Bell
Jade | Hannah Norris

Director | Adriana Bonaccurso
Designer | Manda Webber
Lighting Design | Sam Hopkins
Sound Design & Stage Management | Stephen Moylan

REVIEWS – Adelaide

The Australian
“a shrewd take on the stereotypes of beauty and romantic love… excellent production” Murray Bramwell

No Plain Jane
“Norris seems to revel in Jade’s asinine tribute to a sexuality defined by the fake, but it is a relief to watch her fall back into an earthier character – and then watch as Norris flickers between the two.” Jane Howard

Festival Freak
“Hannah Norris plays her wonderfully, a holistic goddess with a soothing breathy placation of Alistair… it’s a brilliant piece of (essentially) multi-character acting. “ Pete Muller

The Advertiser
“wonderful performances… such vulnerability in their characters and great passion.” ****1/2 Helene Sobolewski

Fringe Review
“great performances… looked like she was having a ball playing a character so repulsive.” Amy Maynard

Rip It Up
“An uplifting journey which highlights beauty’s ugly need for fawning reassurance.” Jenny Smith
Ugly Girls – Rip It Up review

REVIEWS – Melbourne

Sometimes Melbourne
“Hannah Norris and Lori Bell bring the emotional reality and closeness to their characters” Anne-Marie Peard

“It’s when the real Jade (Hannah Norris) turns up that the psychodrama amps up and things get slightly more interesting.” Kate Kingsville

PRESS – Melbourne

Actors strip off for comedic look at love and loss in One for the Ugly Girls at La Mama Theatre – Herald Sun, 5 May 2013