Let the Sunshine

by David Williamson
Hit Productions Australian national tour 2012

Photos by Matt Deller

Ron – Peter Phelps
Natasha – Ally Fowler
Ros – Toni Scanlan
Toby – Dennis Coard
Rick – Ryan Hayward
Emma – Hannah Norris
Creatives & Crew
Director – Denis Moore
Stage Manager – Armando Licul
Designer – Shaun Gurton
Lighting Designer – Nick Merrylees
Costume Deisgner – Adrienne Chisholm
Sound Design – Peter Farman
Technicians – Fiona Ng & Jace Looker

Award winning Australian playwright David Williamson’s satirical comedy Let the Sunshine is set in Noosa. Toby (Dennis Coard) and Ros (Toni Scanlan) are retired left wing radicals who flee to the upmarket Sunshine Coast seaside town to escape scandal in Sydney. Ros meets an old school friend Natasha (Ally Fowler), who is married to Ron (Peter Phelps), a hugely wealthy property developer.

The connection between the two couples seems destined to be brief and acrimonious except for one thing. When their children Rick (Ryan Hayward) and Emma (Hannah Norris) find romance together, the patter of tiny feet brings on the clashing of egos and then, in typical Williamson fashion, it’s on for young and old.