by Duncan Graham

Hannah Norris | Woman

Duncan Graham | Director
Elizabeth Gadsby | Designer
Russell Goldsmith | Sound Design
Sam Hopkins | Lighting Design & Technical Direction


by Gary Cockburn


by Sarah Walker

REVIEWS – Adelaide

Rip It Up
“Cut is the most uncomfortable show of this year’s Fringe. It is also the most unforgettable… She is simply outstanding… The clever and effective lighting, as well as the frightening score, are just as impressive as Norris’ performance” **** 1/2 David Knight

Adelaide Theatre Guide
“a beguiling, engaging and precise performance… She masters the exhausting technical demands… full of danger and uncertainty… This unsettling and disconcerting short play is a complete success.” ****1/2 John Wells

Broadway World
“extraordinary team of consummate professionals… Hannah Norris is utterly terrifying… astonishing… an extraordinary performance” Ray Smith

The Barefoot Review
“This play in the dark is all about light… Norris’s performance is superb… This is what a Fringe is all about.” Samela Harris

Stage Whispers
“Her intense performance is brilliant!… a work of art” Kerry Cooper

The Clothesline
“Hannah Norris is extremely convincing as the disturbed, disturbing “Woman” at the centre of Duncan Graham’s dark work, Cut… On occasion, it’s like being in the darkest recesses of a David Lynch film. Or inside a bad dream.” David Robinson

Daily Review
“Unfortunately, its intensely claustrophobic staging in the Manse theatre proved unbearable for this writer who had to excuse himself at the beginning of the show. “ Ben Brooker