The things I’ve seen…

I have seen so many things already since leaving Melbourne in July.

In theatre. In comedy. In talks, panels and conversations.

A long way from the people I’d usually be seeing these things with, talking with. A long way from the opinions of the people I know and trust and respect and work with.

So, thinking about that, I’m going to list the shows and events I’ve been to. Hopefully I will remember them all. And if anyone wants to get in conversation with me (and each other) about them – And I’m talking mainly to you, you people I know, you lot – we can talk as if we were seeing them together. Or had seen them separately. Or are potentially going to see them.

In no way will these be reviews. The aim is not for criticism. And I probably won’t be very eloquent in a lot of situations, but just in case you want to know what they were like, in my words, then that’s the plan.

There’s a lot already – and the list is just going to keep growing, I can promise you that.

All photos link to the websites of the artists or companies.

Oh, and if there’s anything you know about in the UK that I have to go and see – tell me! xxx


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