Edinburgh 2013 – week 4

Mercy Killers

Harold Clurman Lab Theater MERCY KILLERS – Assembly Hall, Monday 18 August, 2.45pm

written and performed by Michael Milligan, directed by Tom Oppenheim



Tha Tha

Siyaya Arts THATHA – Assembly George Square, Tuesday 19 August, 4.25pm



Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

National Theatre Wales THE RADICALISATION OF BRADLEY MANNING – Pleasance At St Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Tuesday 19 August, 7.30pm

written by Tim Price, directed by John E McGrath



Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest and Battersea Arts Centre BRAND NEW ANCIENTS – Traverse Theatre, Tuesday 19 August, 11.15pm



Die Roten Punkte

Die Roten Punkte KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK) – Assembly George Square, Wednesday 20 August, 8.55pm



Bearded Antipodean Hipsters

Bearded Antipodean Hipsters and friends A VARIETY SHOW with Adam Page, Trygve Wakenshaw, Stuart Bowden, Wil Greenway, Heidi O’Loughlin, Jon Bennett, Imaan, Lucy Hopkins and Will Galloway – Underbelly Cowgate, Wednesday 21 August, 11.30pm


Alvin Sputnik

Perth Theatre Company and Weeping Spoon THE ADVENTURES OF ALVIN SPUTNIK: DEEP SEA EXPLORER – Underbelly Topside, Thursday 22 August, 11am



Shirley and Shirley

Shirley and Shirley: CARNAGE – Underbelly Clover, Thursday 22 August, 2.50pm



John-Luke Roberts

John-Luke Roberts: BROKEN STAND-UP – The Voodoo Rooms, Thursday 22 August, 4.15pm




EDINBURGH COMEDY ALLSTARS with David O’Doherty, Joe Lycett, Hannah Gadsby and Andrew Maxwell – Underbelly McEwan Hall, Thursday 22 August, 10.40pm



A Young Man Dressed as a Gorilla Dressed as an Old Man Sits Rocking in a Rocking Chair for Fifty-Six Minutes and Then Leaves, While a Viking Attempts To Draw His Own Hand – Udderbelly, Thursday 22 August, 11.45pm



The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society AWARDS HONORS with Gorilla and Viking, Alex Edelman, Tom Bell and others – The Stand Comedy Club, Thursday 22 August, 11.30pm




Briefs: THE SECOND COMING – Assembly George Square, Friday 23 August, 7.50pm



David O'Doherty

David O’Doherty: DAVID O’DOHERTY WILL TRY TO FIX EVERYTHING – Pleasance Grand, Friday 23 August, 11.15pm



Inua Ellams

Inua Ellams and Fuel BLACK T-SHIRT COLLECTION – Pleasance Forth, Saturday 24 August, 10.45am

written and performed by Inua Ellams, directed by Thierry Lawson




Scottee Inc THE WORST OF SCOTTEE – Assembly George Square, Saturday 24 August, 8.40pm



Bryony Kimmings

Bryony Kimmings CREDIBLE LIKEABLE SUPERSTAR ROLEMODEL – Pleasance King Dome, Sunday 25 August, 5.45pm



Lords of Strut

LORDS OF STRUT – Assembly George Square, Sunday 25 August, 7.30pm



Ad Lib

AD LIB: SPONTANEOUS GENIUS with Susan Calman, Sarah Millican and Hannah Gadsby – Assembly Hall, Sunday 25 August, 10.30pm



Comedy Countdown

COMEDY COUNTDOWN with Marcel Lucont, Gordon Southern, Dan Atkinson and others – Gilded Balloon Teviot, Sunday 25 August, 11.59pm



Julien Cottereau

Julien Cottereau IMAGINE TOI – Assembly Roxy, Monday 26 August, 12.55pm



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