Edinburgh 2013 – week 1

Hannah Gadsby - Happiness is a Bedside Table

Hannah Gadsby HAPPINESS IS A BEDSIDE TABLE – Assembly Roxy, Thursday 1 August, 4.30pm



Hannah Gadsby - Nakedy Nudes

Hannah Gadsby NAKEDY NUDES – Assembly Checkpoint, Friday 2 August, 1.45pm




LIOR – Assembly Checkpoint, Friday 2 August, 6.15pm



Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It!

Adrienne Truscott’s ASKING FOR IT: A ONE-LADY RAPE ABOUT COMEDY STARRING HER PUSSY AND LITTLE ELSE! – Bob’s Bookshop, Saturday 3 August, 10pm



Chastity Butterworth

Gemma Whelan CHASTITY BUTTERWORTH & THE GOLDEN HAMSTER – Assembly Roxy, Wednesday 7 August, 5.45pm



Hot Dub Time Machine

Hot Dub Time Machine. BEST. PARTY. EVER. – Underbelly McEwan Hall, Saturday 3 August, 12.15am




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