My Adelaide Fringe 2013

At this year’s Adelaide Fringe, as well as performing One for the Ugly Girls for the first couple of weeks, I took advantage of my artist pass and saw as many things as I could handle… and as far as I can remember, this was my schedule:

One for the Ugly Girls

ONFG ONE FOR THE UGLY GIRLS – Tuxedo Cat Special Place, Thursday 14 – Tuesday 26 February, 7.00pm


Joel Creasey

Joel Creasey in THE DRAMA CAPTAIN – Rhino Room Howling Owl, Saturday 16 February, 10.30pm


Le Gateau Chocolat

Le Gateau Chocolat I HEART CHOCOLAT – Paradiso Spiegeltent, Sunday 17 February, 10.45pm


Marcel Lucont

Marcel Lucont GALLIC SYMBOL – Tuxedo Cat Yellow Room, Monday 18 February, 9.45pm


Angry Young Man

Mahwaff Theatre Company ANGRY YOUNG MAN – Holden Street Theatres, Wednesday 20 February


Late Night Letters and Numbers

LATE NIGHT LETTERS AND NUMBERS with Nicholas Caddaye, Ben McKenzie, Rob Hunter, Gordon Southern, Lori Bell and Hannah Norris – Gluttony Pig Tales, Friday 22 February, 10.50pm


Sat 23 Feb – 3pm: ONFG, 7pm: ONFG, 8.30pm: Barnie Duncan “…him”

Sun 24 Feb – 6pm: ONFG, 7.15pm: Love in the key of Britpop, 8.45pm: Granny Flaps “Loose Lips”, Burlesque Beauties

Mon 25 Feb – 3pm: ONFG, 7pm: ONFG

Tue 26 Feb – 7pm: ONFG

Wed 27 Feb – 6.30pm: Dayne Rathbone “It’s Me Dayne”, 7:30pm Gordon Southern “The Kerfuffle”

Thu 28 Feb – 7.15pm: Celia Pacquola “Delayed”, 8.30pm: Jon Bennett “My Dad’s Deaths”, 9:45pm Trygve Wakenshaw “Squidboy”

Fri 1 Mar – SLOCA

Sat 2 Mar – Melbourne

Sun 3 Mar – 8.45pm: Lori Bell “A Good Red”, 10.15pm Tom Thum “Breaking the Habit”, 11.30pm “Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique”

Mon 4 Mar – 3.45pm: Bryony Lavery (Writers Week), 6pm: Desperately Seeking the Exit, 8.30pm: Doku Rai

Tue 5 Mar – 5.30pm: Ben Mellor & Dan Steele “Anthropoetry”, 7.30pm: David Quirk “Shaking Hands with Danger”, 10.30pm Abigoliah Schamaun “Girl Going to Hell”

Wed 6 Mar – 7pm: State Theatre Company of SA “The Kreutzer Sonata” (Adelaide Festival), 9pm: “Murder” (Adelaide Festival), Late Night Rhino (Abigoliah, Wil, Quirk, Smart Casual)

Thu 7 Mar – 3pm: Ontroerend Goed “Internal”, 7pm: Book of Loco, 8.30pm “Bane”, 9.45pm: Lucy Hopkins “Le Foulard”, Barrio

Fri 8 Mar – ??

Sat 9 Mar – 6pm: Eric’s Tales of the Sea, 8pm: Radio Variety thing, 10.30pm: Tomas Ford “An Audience with Tomas Ford”, Rhino Late Show (Claire Hooper, Sam Simmons)

Sun 10 Mar – 1.00am “Gorilla”, Leo

Mon 11 Mar – 7.15pm: Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall “Trying Hard”, 8.30pm: Siberian Husky

Tue 12 Mar – 7pm: Jon Bennett “Pretending Things are a Cock”, 8.30pm: Kamp (Adelaide Festival), 10.15pm: Wau Wau Sisters “Come Together”

Wed 13 Mar – 7.15pm: Smart Casual, Lindsay Webb

Thu 14 Mar – 4.30pm Ontroerend Goed “Game of You”, 8pm: Glory Dazed

Fri 15 Mar – 4pm: In the Dark, 7.15pm: Of Dysentry & Madness, 8.30pm: The Golden Phung Sell Out, 9.45pm: Marcel Lucont “Gallic Symbol”, 11:30pm MKA “Unsex Me”

Sat 16 Mar – 2pm: Naked Cabaret (Davey B, The Wau Wau Sisters, MKA Theatre of Nude Writing, Lucy Hopkins, Imaan & Whiskey, Abigoliah Schamaun, Tomas Ford), 7pm: Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses, 10.30pm: Soma

Sun 17 Mar – 7pm: Tex Perkins and The Dark Horses, 7.45pm: Bulmers Best of the Edinburgh Fest (Carl Donnelly, Jimmy McGhie, Stuart Goldsmith), 10.30pm – La Soiree