July 31

Final day of Dry July.

Ran Hannah Inc from my room for much of the morning.

Walked the long, 45 minute walk into town to buy some food at the supermarket before meeting a friend and her baby for coffee.

As I left the supermarket, the chunky check-out assistant was calling out to the man walking ahead of me –

“Excuse me.” He doesn’t turn around.

“Excuse me, sir” He keeps walking.

“Excuse me, sir, did you pay for those groceries” Keeps walking.

“No worries. We’ve got you on camera” as he continued to walk away.

Amusing. She made no physical effort whatsoever to stop this man, her voice had some power, but still, impressively lazy.

A lovely coffee with Sarah, and meeting super cute 7 month-old Finnigan for the first time.

In to the theatre to eat and read pre-hair straightening, warming up and performance.

The bottle of water at the meet and greet will not be repeated at the next one, when I will be able to drink alcohol again.

So… Dry July… I really didn’t find it as challenging as some people might. There were times, as I’ve described, when I would usually have been drinking – out of camaraderie, habit, thirst or desire, and there were of course times too when I really felt like a boozy drink but it really doesn’t bother me that I’ve not drunk all month (besides Golden Ticket day). At the same time as no drinking, I have also become vegan – so dairy and eggs are out of my life now – and for good this time, I can feel it. BUT, it’s also made me aware that sugar is my real demon and I’ll be looking into that (though not publicly like this) over the next month or so.

So there we go – Dry July is done. I raised $275 for the cause and feel like I did my bit, paying my tribute to loved ones who have been taken by cancer.

Thanks for reading x