July 30

Another day of trucking ahead… Picked up by Jace and off for our first food date of the day – breakfast at Queen Street Cafe. I had a totally delicious avocado on toast with homemade baked beans.

Listened to Jace’s new CDs – Friends and Liars – as we found our way out of town to our first stop and second food date at Keith. Sandwiches and coffee. Jace’s KEITH stubby holder purchase brought him an exorbitant amount of joy.

I played DJ for the rest of the trip – he’d named me DJ No Idea but there was no chance of me living up to that name! I rocked a sick set which ended with Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” (ooh sexy) as we neared our motel… Unfortunately the song finished prematurely so I had to come up with a huge alternative ending – Whitney’s “Savin’ All My Love” provided just that as we pulled in to park outside Armando’s room.

We saw emus and wallabies on the pretty drive through vineyards and pine plantations. And I locked myself into my room for the rest of the night – even ordering vegan room service (steamed rice and steamed veg) and attempted to watch the Olympics.

I love that the Australians are not getting the medals they expected. I think there is an unattractive arrogance to our sporting ‘heroes’ and the media hype around them – and so far this Olympics they are being put in their place. Kazakhstan being above Australia on the medal tally is a beautiful thing.

Why not put some of that Sports money into the Arts, powers-that-be????