July 29

Had a 2pm playread date with Renato Musolino. Our first read of a play we’re looking at maybe doing. We’ve been good friends for nearly 14 years now and still have never acted together, though we’ve talked and dreamed about it over all that time. Over the past couple of years we have been searching more actively for the right piece for us to do, and think that this could be the one.

We drank tea, ate almonds, lupini and cherries, talked acting acting acting and finally read the play. It was a good read – interesting relationship and plot, spiced with some really great speeches, dialogue and drama but a bit long which we will have to do something about, but it still could be the one.

Renato doesn’t drinkΒ but he did try to send me home with a 1/2 full bottle of vodka that has been sitting at his house for a couple of years – not to drink today but for once August hits… I resisted, saying it needed to stay there.

A really, really chilly Adelaide night drew me straight home for a night in before starting our last week out on the road.