July 27

Mercury Cinema. I Am Eleven. Surprise friend = Chloe Gardner.

AC Arts. Performance Prac. Surprise friend = Renato Musolino.

Hopgood Theatre. Let the Sunshine. Surprise friend = Adam Wylie.

East Taste Cafe. Late night feast of BBC, shallot pancakes, E-shand eggplant, Chinese greens. Me, G-force and Wylie. Them = carafe of wine. Me = can of coke.

La Boheme. Closed.

Metropolitan Hotel. Discussions about law, acting and Adam’s paramedic stories from the Northern Territrory. Them = beer. Me = a little lemonade.

Worldsend. Closed.

Supermild. Queue way too long.

Rosemont Hotel. More law, acting and paramedics. Them = beer. Me = no drink but stayed out until 3:30am like a boozy, party fiend all the same. I want it to be August now.