July 26

The road to Radelaide.

The road to Radelaide goes past Snowtown.

I wanted to go to Snowtown.

The true crime of Adelaide and South Australia has fascinated me ever since that first month I was living in the city back in 1999 and walking off alone to a party when Alex called after me, “Remember Hannah…. Adelaide – city of churches… And weird murders.”

A coffee stop seemed like a reasonable excuse to visit the town but once we drove in and through the depressed streets talking murder and bank vaults, it felt too perverse to actually get out of the car, so we just drove right on out again without stopping.

Back on the highway, I did some iPhone research and discovered that only one of the murders had actually been committed in Snowtown, and the bodies in the barrels only stored in the disused bank vault there for a couple of months. We agreed that Justin Kurzel’s stunning, horrific, devastating film had left the impression with all of us that Snowtown was where the whole story had taken place whereas in actual fact the murders were committed in Murray Bridge, Salisbury North and other spots in SA.

So instead, after passing the 4 or 5 bakeries lining Port Wakefield’s main road, we followed a sign through some back streets to Salt of the Earth cafe and had a lovely time browsing through its shop, sipping our soy lattes and drooling over all the homecooked goodies available.


Dropped my bags at the Giggly Kids household, trammed into town, gift shopped at JB and a popcorn stand before scooping up Jace and Ryan and landing us at the gorgeous Grace Emily. I wish I could’ve had a couple of vodka, lime and sodas with them as they drank dark ale. I’ve had enough of July now!

I wanted to go to Jerusalem for dinner before my theatre date with Toni BUT the rain was really raining so the walk to Hindley Street was less than desirable. Because it was down the road, we stopped in for food at The Cumby then I collected Toni and we huddled beneath an umbrella to walk the thankfully short distance to Higher Ground to see Joanna Murray-Smith’s Love ChildThis production was directed by Charles Sanders, featuring Chrissie Page and Anna Cheney and is about to head off to the Edinburgh Fringe which makes me so jealous (in a good way!) I want to do a show there so badly!

The joy of Adelaide meant I ran into lots of people I knew at the theatre and stocked up on plenty of those hugs I’ve been missing.

Afterwards, I took Toni to the Grace Emily and the drink we had by the fire was really nice but a warming little port would’ve made everything just perfect.