July 25

I accidentally stayed up really late last night and was feeling a little tired and grumpy as we loaded our luggage into the cars for today’s travel. A lone passenger in the car with Pete, I was fine once we were on the road to Port Pirie, albeit slightly fixated on a the nap I was planning for the afternoon.

We stopped off in Port Augusta for take-away coffee and tangelos. $5 coffees – not impressed. I think the fishwife-esque lady who made them intentionally/unintentionally laced them with her venom… I’m pretty sure that’s why they tasted so bitter.

Was so excited when we checked in to our motel cos there were free slippers in the room. I didn’t open the package cos I was doubtful of the generosity but fuelled by my excitement I ran to Ryan’s room to check his out, and they were labelled with a $6 price tag which… which hurt, to be honest.

Setting off on a walk, the chilly wind swayed Ally and me into accepting a lift from Pete into town. I wanted a bread roll. She wanted a look around.

I found this building pretty funny.


Yep – I am super mature.

A few streets over, as Ally and I walked toward the glass door exit of a mall, on first impression I wrongly judged a chubby pre-teen kid in faded black tracksuit and baseball cap with scooter, a couple of mates, eating an ice-cream cone on the other side of the glass. “Nice shoes” he said to me as we passed. An unexpected compliment that I found very sweet… But then pondered my choice in footwear as I questioned whether I should be wearing the kind of shoes this rascally little dude was into. And concluded decisively yes, fuck it, of course I should.

Walked home via a fish place and back in to the theatre a couple of hours later without having that nap I’d been dreaming of at the start of the day.

A good show and again another alcohol free meet and greet. Had a pretty wild and manic chat to some intense, hyperactive schoolkids – the girls thought Ryan was hot, and I suggested that the boy must’ve thought I was hot to which he correctly indulged me by saying yes he did.

Looking forward very much to going to Adelaide tomorrow.