July 23

Time for some trucking. Oh yeah.

But first Jace and I had a breakfast date before heading off to Whyalla.

Once on the road, incredibly we were overtaken by a speeding white hearse complete with rose-wreathed white coffin and therefore DEAD PERSON in the back!

My pic didn’t turn out that clear but I promise that what looks like possible backseat passenger is, in fact, coffin.

We caught up with the hearse a bit later, but at least 100kms further down the road. That coffin was definitely on its way to an occasion, perhaps, but hopefully not, running a little late…

Post-hearse and nearly in town, I got a bit excited that there was a Norrie Road in Whyalla but didn’t bother trying to get a photo after my hearse/coffin efforts.


I did, however, bother to take one of our accommodation…

See left.

Boom tish!

(A joke Dennis has been urging me on with most tour – photographing uninhabitable and tragic buildings with the pretence that it is where we spend our sad, lonely nights)


Um. Early night. Couldn’t sleep. Made happy by watching Louis on ABC2. And then slept. Amaze balls. Super interessant.

Man, daily blogging is harrrrd.