July 22

Day off in Lincoln.

Mega sleep in.

Arose, showered, dressed and headed straight down to the pub to join Pete, Ryan and Jace watching the footy. Toni and Fi dropped by after their fishy lunch. And Ally joined us after doing the headland walk I’d pioneered yesterday. It was a really nice afternoon, perfect pub vibe and I said that we had had had to do it again in August once I can drink drinks with them again. I mean it. Even though it was a footy pub decorated with sports screens and a TAB, a bar shelved with the rainbow of Midori flavours and fridges packed with Cruisers and pre-mixed Beams, it was a perfect pub afternoon. And I wanted to play too.

On the walk home, we found a South Park ‘Kenny’ soft toy – Jace kicked it like a footy and claimed it for a truck mascot.

July 22.

The End.

I’m really trying to catch up on these July days before the month is over!