July 19

Perth to Adelaide.

Adelaide – yay!

Ryan and I rushed from airport to his accommodation to Rundle Street and made it in time to see the 2:45pm screening of The Dark Knight Rises on the day it was released.

In reliable, precious Adelaide fashion, the moment we got out of the cab I saw someone I knew.

I love going to Adelaide – I love the feeling of the second home it embraces me with.

Having been moved to tears, and sitting in the cinema with many others until the very end of the film’s credits, we should’ve talked all things Batman and Nolan over a drink or two at The Exeter but we didn’t, and instead walked straight down the mall while I bored/annoyed/informed Ryan with Adelaide factoids and mini anecdotes. Piling into the Giggly Kids van piloted by my moustachioed main-man Dave, I was driven back to my second home within my second home, Dave & Kate’s place AKA Giggly Kids HQ.

Such a yummy dinner of veggie curry, rice, papadums, and homemade vegan coconut ice cream (oh my god!) set off by fucking wicked homemade lemon cordial with fizzy water – so good. It must be heard that on any occasion, in any month, I would prefer that lemon cordial to the white wine that was being shared by the rest of the dinner party. (It wasn’t bad wine, I just don’t really like wine)

Kate showed off her recently acquired balloon animal skills –








and this joyous day was rounded off by late night conversations, youtube comedy videos, popcorn and a few sneaky trips back to the freezer for more amazing ice cream.