July 17

I’m doing some serious blog catch up. This little Dry July blog experiment has taught me that should I decide to do this (the blogging not the dry thing) again in the future, the daily diary is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too hard for me. Am I not disciplined enough to sit down at the end of every day and write? Maybe.

But no. Not really. If it was just about discipline I could do it, but sometimes I just don’t wanna. I don’t feel like it. And I’m ok with that.

Yep – I am ok with that.

And so the next few catch up blogs may end up being sketchy – however, from past experience when I have something to say in this prefacey fashion, I usually end up writing more, so, we’ll see.

From the Sunshiners who did some sightseeing yesterday, I was urged to not miss out on seeing The Gap so Pirate Pete and I got in the car and went to have a look. The undeniable force of nature as waves hit rock far below us was impressive. And the powerful blowholes we visited next made me nervous – particularly the group of teenage boys sitting right on the edge of the cliff and leaping over the blowhole.

Clearly this warning wasn’t being heeded.

But then, from what I hear, it hadn’t been the day before either when Dennis’ beanie was blown off by the blowhole’s force as he leaned over it for a better look.

Some downtime back at the hotel before a show that evening – felt like ages since the last performance (3 nights off).

Albany gifted us with a fantastic audience. A show none of us will forget

A nightcap would’ve been nice.