July 16

I saw 5 rainbows before 11am.

I love rainbows. They are my favourite thing in the world.

Albany made me worried that with so many rainbows they might cease to be as magical and special and favourite to me #firstworldproblems

A 10km walk on a coastal path around Albany listening to Justin Hamilton interview Tony Martin and then Tim Ferguson on his Can You Take This Photo Pleaseย podcast.

Enthralled by the giant rocks on one of Albany’s main roads, and a yummy coffee at a Vancouver Street cafe.

An old bloke with a front patio full of stone statues bringing his bin in told me I had to check out old George’s fence that had been run through by a commodore the other night.

The old bloke convo meant I got caught in the rain.

In a land of so many rainbows and memorable old blokes, getting rained on is definitely tolerable.

I joined the gang at the pub for dinner.ย The soda and lime tasted just fine.