July 15

I woke up early and took a little walk into town to buy a couple of snacks for the road. There were some beautiful and unusual birds around which Den confirmed for me as Western Ringnecks and Red-tailed Black Cockatoos, enabling me to impress rather than quiz my dad about their identification.

Another day with an early departure, I was navigating from the backseat and as we turned out of the driveway of our accommodation, Dennis questioned my call to turn right, suggesting it should be a left turn. I could see on my google map where we were going and right we went, correctly finding our way to the Merredin-Narembeen road, and with a nearly 6 hour drive ahead of us, followed the first of many long, straight roads. I was reading through my twitter feed before I lost reception, so when the blue dot on my iPhone GPS started flashing in a weird area, I thought it must’ve lost reception too. Wrong. Half an hour in the wrong direction, we found our way back on the right road and off to Albany again but it made me nervous. Ryan keeps saying I’ve lost my navigating mojo, which makes me scared that I have, and in turn makes me lose my navigating mojo. Nervous navigating Norri.

With driving shared between Den, Toni and Ally, we passed through a bunch of proper isolated Australian towns. They each had a gorgeous 19th century pub or local hall suggesting the life that used to thrive there, but now all feeling deserted with a sense of sorrow to them.

Dumbleyung (great name) was still giving it a go though.

And as we stopped for a coffee in Katanning, Dennis did a hilarious impression, in his tracky pants and sideways turned cap, of the kind of person you wouldn’t like to meet on the street of an empty Sunday WA town.


Navigating. Hardly taking my eyes off the map… except for when I finished watching Batman Begins… but apart from that navigating. Navigating.

A gorgeous rainbow archway welcomed us into Albany and the area I was overjoyed to find was called The Rainbow Coast, making everything ok again.

I ate takeaway Indian in my room, having said no to the pub invitation but free wifi can certainly be more alluring than lime and soda this July.