July 14

Loaded into the car with Pete and Ryan. As we navigated our way out of Perth and all its roadworks, I read aloud various savage yet eloquent and measured ‘Queen Lear’ reviews from Melbourne’s leading and most clever, informed critics and we shared our fears of similar critiques and relief to not be the subject of these.

A bakery stop at the little town of Northam, it didn’t take long to get to Merredin and the holiday park we were staying at 3 hours drive inland of Perth on the wheatbelt. We each had our own cool cabin and I retired to mine to do some domestic duties – cooking (yay!) and washing (mini yay).

I walked to the theatre and gasped when I walked out on to the stage – a gorgeous old building, set up with round tables and chairs, raked seating at the back and decorative lighting fixtures all set off by the pressed tin ceiling and proscenium arch. And a sense of the history and life that has passed through the place. The venue tech told me that Merredin had bought and transported the building from a neighbouring town that had gone bust in the early 20th century.

A fun show, and an enjoyable ‘meet & greet’ post-show but no free drinks for me.