July 13

Got up early to put money in the parking meter. Handed over our microwave for Pete to add to the truck. Hung out the front of the hotel with Armando and Jace as they waited for Fi to head off to Merriden and I waited for Ally to head off for brunch at our favourite cafe – Source.

Now, this tour has spawned nicknames for some of us. Ryan tried out ‘Chuck’ on me for a while (Chuck – Norris, obviously) before he settled on ‘Whitters’ – from Whitney Houston – a comment on the amount of vocal warm-up I like to do pre-show, like Whitney’s singing style – RIP.










Ally quite early on named Ryan ‘Happy’ in the classic nickname style of redheads being called ‘Bluey’ or massive dudes named ‘Tiny’. He shared the fact that he also has the nickname ‘Toby’, as in The West Wing’s Ziegler. Two nicknames, same vein.










And in the style of Crispin Hellion Glover, Ally and I defaced a Mr Happy Mr Men book as part of Ryan’s birthday present. We couldn’t have been more immature about it if we tried. Eating our amazing tempeh burgers and giggling until we cried over the stupid pictures we were drawing, and the words we were replacing.

Off to meet Hammo for some more Perth hangouts. And we did just that, talking talking in his hotel room before an almost obligatory trip to JB Hifi cos there was something special he wanted to get on Blu-Ray (bad friend me can’t remember what it was anymore). Hanging out with Justin means that Batman and the very soon to be released new Nolan film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was discussed and trailers were watched. I was henceforth inspired to purchase ‘The Dark Knight’ to refresh my memory before seeing the latest film in Nolan’s trilogy. Justin also spoiled me with a present of the 2 seasons of ‘Sherlock’.

There were plans for a dusk birthday beverage at Cottesloe and perhaps a Mexican restaurant outing, but Ryan’s birthday enthusiasm had waned a little. Thankfully we were able to coax him into Pete’s room for a birthday drink and gift giving. Dennis read aloud our Mr Happy birthday book version in the voice of one of his alter-egos, Tarquin De La Force, and we all laughed – a fucking lot. Ally and I made a funny book.

Without the birthday boy, our sense of adventure too was dulled.

So it was shared wedges, rice and steamed veggies in the restaurant downstairs for me and Ally. While Den rocked a little pizza, or two.

A knock-off drink would’ve rounded off the day nicely were it another of the eleven months of the year. 

I think I fell asleep before 9 – so so good.