July 9

Despite having sort of organised car travel and designated passengers the night before, there was the usual fussing around and sorting out as to times of departure, who would go in what car, what roads we would take, where we would stop or not on the road from Geraldton to Perth.

Another 5 hour car trip was ensuing but I had noticed that The Pinnacles were on the way and had requested that one of the cars did a detour to check them out. Neither Pete, Ryan nor Ally had heard of them before, and I don’t know how I had – either someone had recommended I see them while in WA or I’d just picked it up somewhere in life as one of those tourist things to do while out west but we weren’t disappointed.

Driving through the low shrubs of the National Park into the yellow sand and huge limestone rocks, The Pinnacles, scattered around a smallish area, the landscape is unlike any other. And it just appears in the middle of heathland not far from the coast. We made up reasons as to how they got there. Plenty of the rocks looked like penises which was funny. And overall it felt like a graveyard, eerie and quiet and mysterious and remote. I’d love to know the dreamtime stories that go with the place.

Nice drive into Perth, though my navigating did get questioned just as we entered the city limits and I kinda cracked the shits.

On arrival at my hotel room, I so wanted to crash for a bit but I’d pledged I was going to do a body combat class at Fitness First – as I had a free 7 day guest pass for doing Dry July. I’ve never been to a gym class with so many people, 5:30pm in Perth CBD and I reckon there was 70 people in there. At one point, the foot of the girl behind me made contact with my hand as she kicked – kinda dangerous – 70 people punching and kicking the air.

Home for quick shower and turnaround before meeting Ryan in the foyer and driving to the Astor Theatre to see Crispin Glover (George McFly eek!) do a performance reading of some of his books, show one of his films and answer questions afterward. Ryan was sure it was going to be a car crash and was doubtful he’d be able to endure the evening. I was excited because I was sure it was going to be unlike anything I’d ever seen before. But we both only really cared and were there cos he is George McFly from Back to the Future. 

Well… Er…

The slide show book reading – Crispin in a red spotlight, performing the text of his books as slides of the pages he was reading appeared on screen. His books were mostly out-of-copywright texts by older authors over which he blacked out parts of paragraphs, wrote over the top and drew pictures to create his own stories from them. Quite compelling. Very performance arty. Unique. Had it not been Cripsin Glover though, and a different circumstance, I probably wouldn’t have stayed to watch the whole thing.

The film we saw was actually written and directed by a friend of Crispin’s – Steven C. Wright – but part two in a trilogy Cripsin is making. Steven had cerebral palsy and appeared in Crispin’s first film, being shown the next night. I felt there was a noble idea behind this piece and Crispin’s passion about it – but I came to conclude that he wasn’t the right person to actually best communicate the ideas. He confessed after the screening that a big part of making the film was giving Steven the experience he had playing the main character – a man who is perfectly understood by and irresistible to women. He has sex with them and then kills them. In the style of a B-grade 70s murder mystery.

I did everything in my power to surrender to the story, style and like the film but after about an hour I got fed up. Hugely gratuitous, misogynist, ultimately shallow and dumb. And his Q & A needed “more matter and less art” – so many words, at least 5 times saying he’d paid for this film from his work in the first ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movie, but so little content and meaning – much like the film itself.

Still, this life has got to be lived and filled with memorable and varied experiences. Like this hey. I was gonna buy my bro one of his books, but we left before the Q & A was done so, sorry Stevie x