July 8

Did it. Up early and down to the Geraldton Surf Club to get our numbers and do the Geraldton Marathon. (it sounds better if I say that rather than 10km walk) It wasn’t the nicest day – blustery and grey, wet ground from earlier rain so Ryan, Ally and I sat in the parked car for a bit. We discovered a joint talent for hanging shit on people’s running styles and warm ups, so what if they were doing the actual marathon and kinda serious, they got our secret shit in the safety of the car.

A general briefing about the event and then off to the start line. Walkers, 10k runners, relayers and half marathoners all take off together. I was a bit nervous about a stampede and then my light-heartedness was shocked into turbo when the event actually started cos everyone accelerated off ahead. I wasn’t taking this thing seriously but suddenly realised, as everyone sped off around me, that there was no way I wanted to come last. So my pace picked up to try and catch up to walkers who were already metres ahead of me. With Justin Hamilton’s ‘Can you take this photo please?’ podcast in my ear as entertainment and while keeping pace, I ensured I tried to take in my surroundings, as it’s likely I may never see them again.

Proof I was noticing stuff.

Hannah Road.

Noticing stuff may have kept me off my overtaking game… Actually, no, who am I kidding, the 70+ year old guy with longish white hair, headband and some serious propulsion and 10km marathon walking skills ahead of me was just too consistent and strong for me to pass him. Bit embarrassing, maybe. But still, I ended up coming in the top 10 walkers… 10th out of 21.

Proof I did it.

Hannah Marathoner.

We were given certificates at the end but their printer had broken which meant our times couldn’t be added to them. Lesley, the organiser, told us she would email them and we could write them in at home, “But don’t cheat”.

I decided I would leave my certificate behind in my hotel room as an act of rebellion or to devalue the event or something – proof I didn’t really care for it, and I don’t. Walking 10kms is not something I need to celebrate – had I challenged myself to run it may have been a different story. But I didn’t.

Watched the first two eps of ‘The Newsroom’ that Ryan had been saving up as a post-run reward for himself with him in his room. He fell asleep not long into the second, but I stayed til the end. Back to my room for more Sorkin – I am mid way through season 2 of ‘The West Wing’ – yep, so good. Sat with Pete and Ally next to the BBQ for a bit, down to the shops, and back for more sitting next to the BBQ, Fi and Armando had also joined. It would have been a nice time for a pear cider or two but alas, no. Then just a hotel-y, tv-y, computer-y kinda night in.