July 7

I just had to really rack my brain to remember how the day started, but I finally got there.

At 10am, Ally and I drove down to the Geraldton Surf Club House to register for the Geraldton Marathon (!) being held on Sunday. Ryan led the charge on this sporting event, having registered weeks ago to run the half marathon and had pricked Ally’s interest with mention of a 10km run. I didn’t really engage with the idea as it reminded me too much of the trauma of high school sport but a few days ago, I thought that I might as well join in, but only on the lazy 10km walk. So we signed up, pooling together the cash for our entry & late fees. $85 in total (!!!!) but we only managed $75.

Then dropped off at the gym for a yoga class. Was firstly disturbed by their policy to take your blood pressure and weigh you before you can just do a class – nightmare – then the yoga room was lit with UV light so my white towel was all bright and purple fluoro – freaky nightmare.

The majority of the afternoon was spent with my 168 hours of free wifi catching up on stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been more anti my phone and distant from Facebook and Twitter as I have been this past week so I had a bunch of people to contact and reply to, and just generally engage back in with the world beyond my immediate circumstance.

Boring? Maybe. Satisfying? Yes.

Our performance that night was fun and the dressing rooms were graffitied with years of performers and plays, including Rolf Harris, a fake Cate Blanchett signature and the names of lots of friends. So I snapped away and posted pics to relevant Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Pete suggested we draw a big sun to decorate our spot before signing the wall. No one put their hand up to illustrate so Pete took the responsibility on himself and the pressure got to him… Along with the fact that he was going through lines for Act 2 in his head at the same time, he began to title our play ‘Let the Sunrise’ which Ally then tried to correct by writing over the top with a weary black texta. To top it off, Pete added the wrong date so Dennis aptly renamed us ‘The Special Theatre Co’ before we all signed it.

Quite hilarious. We sure left our mark there.

With my marathon to complete in the morning, I probably wouldn’t have had a drink after the show tonight even if it weren’t July.

After bumping out, texts from Jace letting me know he’d read my blog and was planning to step up his efforts to get more mentions kept me awake longer than planned cos of, you know, the marathon and shit.