July 6

Ryan said that this is possibly the worst time for me to be writing about my time on the road cos it’s going to be boring due to the lack of alcohol in my life. Today could well be proof of that…

Drove Carnarvon to Geraldton with Ally and Ryan. Stopped off at Billabong pub, which is midway between the two towns. The whole cast and crew pulled up intermittently in the 4 separate vehicles we’re currently travelling in. 

Most people had a beer. Surprise surprise, I would usually have joined in – maybe one of them UDLs they had on offer!

Then on to Geraldton. Checked into our motel. Jace, Ally and I walked into town. I was accosted by a boy, probably about 13 years old, on the main street, in school uniform with blood on his shirt and head. His friends were sitting on a bench nearby. He asked me if the cut on his head looked bad. I asked him if it was real blood all over him. He said it was and showed me his head, “Does it look bad?”.

He had a gash about an inch long and fairly deep. The blood was real. Now, that stuff doesn’t really freak me out but I am a useless nurse. I told him it did look kinda bad. He didn’t want to get stitches cos they hurt. He shouted to his friends, “You threw a bloody can at my head you idiot, and now it’s bad.” He started half running up the street. I said that maybe he should go into the pharmacy which was a couple of doors down, that they might be able to help him. He turned around and started half running towards the pharmacy.

I am a useless nurse.

Walked home via the supermarket, locked the door to my room on return to the motel and started to make a dent in the 168 hours of free wifi I’m entitled to while a guest here. Needless to say, and particularly with my possible boring day disclaimer, that was all I did for the rest of the night. Free wifi in my room. Oh yeah.