July 5

Dennis Coard’s birthday.

Ryan, Ally and I joined Den on a birthday drive out to some blowholes about an hour north of Carnarvon. Another beautiful sunny day.

         And the blowhole was actually quite impressive!


Dropped past an organic farm on the way home and all bought some cheap fruit & veg from the coolroom. Dennis had a rocket-shaped choc-covered mango ice cream as a big birthday boy treat! And I was spoilt with lots of love and kisses and pawing from the farm’s beautiful dog, Macca.

A show at Camel Lane Theatre that night followed by a late night birthday BBQ party for Den. The motel owners had very kindly left the party lights on around the pool and said it was fine for us to have a late celebration.

Surrounded by beers and wines, I didn’t even drink water – mainly because I had forgotten to bring a glass from my room… the water thing, not the alcohol… no alcohol, it’s July, remember.

We waited for the crew to get back from bump out before Dennis could open his presents, which I think started happening at 11:58pm – just in time. We did lots of laughing and eating, and they did drinking.

Dennis is a very devoted father and husband, so to be on the road away from the people he loves most can be tough going for him. But we did our best to make it a special day, and I reckon we did ok.