July 3

Early start. 5:45am foyer meet to get us to the airport for our 7am flight to Perth. I often feel like a gin and tonic when I fly, and had I been in a reckless mood, with a partner or two in crime, I might even have had one at the airport prior to the flight. But it’s July so no go. I went through a faze for a few years where I was really scared of flying. Take off mainly. Landing, I’m all over it, easy as… but take off. Yeah it rattled me for a while there, hence the g+t soother idea.

Seated next to Mr Phelps, it was a fairly empty plane and we all dozed on and off. Pete said he never slept sitting up, so I suggested that I was perhaps a calming influence and he said, “Yeah, like lavender. Hannah Lavender.”

I liked that.

Too early for check-in at our in transit highway motel; Ally, Ryan, Pete and I headed into the CBD. A hilarious argument between Ryan and Ally lasted the whole journey. Ryan doesn’t know Perth and when we were trying to work out where to ask the driver to take us, he suggested perhaps a Central Station. Ally could not understand why in the world we would want to be going to a train station – and so it started… and continued… and I found it hilarious.

Splitting three ways on touch down, Ally and I went to a strange vegan cafe that wasn’t very appealing at all before discovering Source Foods Cafe further up the road. Breakfast and lots of conversation, actually covering new ground – which after so much time together kinda surprised me – there’s always so much more to learn about people. (Wise Hannah, wise) We then headed back into the CBD, did some shopping for Denden’s birthday on Thursday and re-met at our drop off point (not Central Station) to go back to the motel.

After finding our way to nice rooms (good) in C-Block (bad and prisony name), Ally and I headed off to a bottle shop down the road for more present shopping. And it just happened to be perhaps the best bottle shop ever!!!  

Stunning gin selection – Gin Mare (my current fave), West Winds gin (which I’m hanging out to try), Saffron Gin (bright orange, oh yeah!), Miller’s, Tanqueray 10, the Icelandic one I’ve tried before but can’t remember the name of and more. Ally was laughing at my enthusiasm for the gin, which it turned out I shared with the kinda cute bottle shop guy, who I discovered was also doing Dry July. Then the cider fridge was crazy good too. The sunny afternoon, with little patios attached to our rooms, would have been another lovely occasion for one of them boutique ciders. Ally bought one, I was a bit jealous (can you tell?)