July 2

I did it. Woke up at 5:17am for a 6am yoga class. Shorts, thongs, singlet and cotton jacket not zipped up, I was quite warm enough to walk the couple of blocks to the class. Funnily the English instructor was complaining how cold it was this morning. Had I been drinking last night, I wouldn’t have made it. Success! The streets still smelled of gunpowder and walking home in the morning light, I was feeling pretty amazing from the class.

And I got to walk past the best building in Darwin – I’m gonna paint a house or fence or shed or something like it one day…

Rainbow building.

Nothing better.



Our 9:30am foyer meet to head off to Litchfield National Park went ahead as planned, and the easy drive out there via Batchelor where we stopped off for coffee was pleasant. Although I didn’t ask for a soy latte, cos I thought it might be stretching it, those who did order were very pleased with how good the coffee was, so there’s a tip – it was next t to the Batchelor General Store which, much to my amusement, doubled as their Centrelink. I guess it has to go somewhere.

We’d been instructed by Fi as advised by the venue tech at Darwin Entertainment Centre to take the route into the park via Batchelor as the Berri Springs way was closed because that beheader from NSW was apparently hiding out in the bush there. He had been caught by the police the night before but we still went the Batchelor way.

First stop was the Magnetic Termite Mounds – which were ok, bit of a natural Australian Stonehenge. We didn’t have a nature enthusiast or know-it-all with us so made random assumptions as to what they might be made out of. A 6-year-old boy told Ryan it was from their spit, and we trusted him as the most knowledgeable and trustworthy of the lot of us.

Next was Florence Falls. With towels and bathers, we walked along the Shady Creek track, and all except for Ryan’s dad, Paul, swam in the majestic waterhole. So beautiful. 

No shit. That’s what it looked like.

Toni had made sandwiches and we had our little picnic lunch before another swim in the next waterhole at Wangi Falls. A bigger and more open spot, with steps into the water, it was still super beautiful. Ice creams all round then back in the car to the city.

We dropped Ryan and his dad at their car, and detouring via the hotel to pick up Dennis, we drove on to Fannie Bay (hehe) for a drink at the Darwin Sailing Club. Ally had been there on a past trip to the city and said it was a gorgeous spot to watch the sunsetting over the water and indulge in a beverage or two.

And it was. My lime and soda was refreshing, and the relaxed vibe was so Darwin.

The perfect last stop on this special couple of days downtime in this magic part of the world.