So… At about 7pm on 30 June, I was struck by the idea of Dry July. About 4 months ago, at the beginning of my tour, I’d said that I was planning to take part in Dry July, but had let go of the idea since then. However, yep, 5 hours before Dry July commitment time, it suddenly felt inevitable and like a precious way to spend this month. Then the extra little bit of research I did on the Dry July website is where I learned that all funds raised go towards supporting adults with cancer in Australia. On July 27 last year, my brother-in-law-to-be Daniel Hoyne lost his life to cancer; such a truly wonderful person, it was a heartbreaking loss and watching his partner Kate nurse and love him through the disease was inspiring, beautiful and tragic. By staying dry for this July, it will help me honour Dan’s memory.

And although to many people, one month off the booze may not seem like a big deal, I thought by writing a blog(eek)/keeping a diary of my life throughout this month and the times I am not drinking when usually I would be, may be a bit of an eye-opener to me, and will show you – the reader – that I am actually changing my lifestyle for this month to raise funds for cancer.

My contemplative “To Dry July or not to Dry July, that is the question…” Facebook status update was met with varying responses from friends…Β “Are you insane? Of course not!” said one. “Do it do it it will change your life. X” said another. “Pfft” another.

So here I go. A month of welcome sobriety and fundraising for cancer.

If you’d like to donate – here’s the link to my profile page.Β Thank you x