Anna Karenina

A couple of months ago, Greg Carroll phoned me to ask if I would be his Assistant Director for The Stork Theatre’s first production of the year, Judith Armstrong’s stage adaptation and translation of Tolstoy’s classic, Anna Karenina.

My response was a series of giggles, scoffs, general strange noises and lots of head shaking. As I observed the ridiculousness (which, come to think of it, probably also included blushing) of my reaction, the warrior in me realised that this was probably something I needed to face up to and as I felt so uncomfortable about the idea, I should take on the challenge.

I have always said that I didn’t have the vision to be a director. My experience in the theatre is that I don’t see a stage picture, what I see is the things around me; I understand a play from being inside it, not looking in or at it. However, sitting relatively quietly in a rehearsal room for 5 weeks and taking the time to observe, surprised me with instincts I did have for shaping a play, and although I would by no means want a production in my hands yet, it could be something for the future that I now see I could maybe do. (So committal!)

Anyways, this production has been selling out and has been extended for a week but the gorgeous Chloe Armstrong is unavailable so I am stepping in to “Kitty’s” boots from this Saturday to play the role for the final 7 shows of the season. (11-19 June).

All booking details and further info can be found on The Stork’s website –

Hope to see you there!





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